How can I use .mobile file via kindle app?

I just currently discovered a method to sideload MOBI files to kindle for iPad on a non-jailbroken iDevice. The Macroplant presents a free app ‘iPhone Explorer’ which permits you to browse the contented of your connected iDevice. When you open your iDevice through iPhone Explorer, there are two folders in it that is Apps and Media. Contained by the Apps folder is a Kindle folder assuming you have comprised installed Kindle for iPad, and within you determine to locate Documents/eBooks. For individuals of you playing at home, the full pathway is Apps/Kindle/Documents/eBooks. I dropped a MOBI into with the intention of folder, and behold, with the intention of MOBI be able to be opened in the Kindle for iPad app. Is there a way to use .mobile file via kindle app? How can I use .mobile file via kindle app? Please help. Thanks.

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