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Mini cell phone towers right at home

Sometimes we all experience dropped calls in the middle of important conversations right in our living rooms. This could soon become history with Sprint Mobile and Tmobile combining to give us cell phone boosters that will sit in our homes and amplify the poor cell phone signals as and when they occur. This handy contraption is called the Femtocell which looks very similar to the wireless routers we use in our homes for internet access. What this device essentially does is, it unconventionally takes the mobile signal directly from your broadband connection and feeds it to your mobile phone.

So essentially, this is a win win situation for both the mobile phone service providers and the customers as the operators will not have to maintain and route traffic over expensive towers and the customers too can expect cheaper call rates and enhanced network strength. This revolutionary product retails for a tad under $50, $49.99 to be precise. But here is the big catch, only phones equipped with WiFi can access this technology, which we think won’t be too much of an issue as WiFi is making it’s way into most high-end mobile phones and in the future will become a standard feature on all mobile phones. Inspite of this limitation, the Femtocell technology looks very exciting. Watch this space.

Source: hotcellularphone
Image : gadgets-weblog

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