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Microsoft ZunePhone in the works? Might be true!

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Once again, the rumors are in the air. While Microsoft failed to do any wonders with their Zune, the news in the air is that Microsoft is developing a ‘ZunePhone‘ now. It will supposedly sync with other Microsoft products such as Xbox 360 and its movie download service. Will it come with Windows Mobile? I don’t think so. Maybe, it comes featuring a Zune interface. Microsoft seems to be inspired by Apple’s iPhone. No doubt, within no time, the web will be crowded with the rumors of ZunePhone and how it will look like. Moreover, it’s around the hot tub that the so-called ZunePhone will make a debut in December. Since Zune player failed to be a big hit, Microsoft might be hoping to do wonders with ZunePhone. Anyway, Stay tuned for next update..sorry..rumor.


Via: MobileMag

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