Best leather cellphone covers you can buy

Cell phone cover

In the times, when cell phone has become a necessity for all, the cell phone covers have become a must accessory. The cell phone cover not only ensures that your phone is protected from dust but also protects delicate features like screen, camera, etc from getting damaged. In fact, having a cell phone cover makes your phone quite unique. The cell phone covers are available in different varieties and are made up of different materials.

One of the most popular material is leather. While it is comparatively expensive, it is quite durable. The look of a leather cell phone cover is quite classy and elegant. The following are different types of leather cell phone covers:

1. Snap on covers: The snap on covers are relatively slim and sleek. They are not at all bulky and they very easily fit in a person’s pocket. The case material, leather, is generally of the hard variety.

This cover performs the basic function of a cell phone cover of protection against scratches and moisture and any form of bumps.

2. The fashionable ones: The fashionable covers are like a must accessory. It is stylish and trendy. Most of the youngsters opt for such covers. These covers are available in different colors, sizes, and textures, and most admired by women.

3. Rugged covers: The rugged covers are a must buy for the people who spend most of their time outdoor. These covers are rough and tough and protect the cell phone to the maximum.

They are made up of tough material and they do not wear and tear easily. Such covers have the facility of being clipped to the belt or to the belt loop and are more preferred by men over women.

4. Colorful kids covers: These covers have some colorful cartoon graphics like Mickey mouse, Donald duck, etc on them, which are favorites of kids. Growing kids, who have a cell phone more as a toy than necessity, prefer to use this cover. Such covers make the cell phone look very attractive and at the same time they protect the cell phone getting damaged if the kid tampers it.

5. Premium covers: The premium covers are those that are made from a superior variety of leather. These covers are generally quite simple yet elegant. The popular colors in this segment are black and shades of brown.

They usually have adjustable side straps. This means that different handsets with minimum size variance can fit in the same case. The back and the front of the case is made up of leather. the screen is guarded by a transparent plastic cover.

6. Magnetic closure covers: The magnetic closure covers are those that have the system of automatic flap closing and locking because of the in built magnet. These covers, usually have the option of being attached to the belt or to the belt loop.

7. Universal pouch: The universal pouches are those used for carrying the flip phones. These covers are made up of soft leather and the inner leather is even more soft. These covers also have the magnetic locking system.

8. Hot and chic covers: The hot and chic covers is the most preferred choice of the young ladies. These covers are available in innumerable color variety and color combinations

The designs of the cell phone covers keep changing in lieu of the times and trends.

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