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iSkin iPhone protection reminds you of your expanding waistline

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As today’s tech savvy world gives us the blend of comfort, seamless styling and ease of use, we can’t help but look at our waists. Yes waists, that’s right. Of course, technology’s great, but it’s part of the reason our waistlines are expanding. However, the iSkin pulse™ Sports+ for iPhone 3G/3GS introduces a new concept in protection + function with the added benefit of an integrated hand band that allows you effective self-training to perform accurate CPR. The pulse is a perfect companion for iPhone workout apps and the PocketCPR, clipping your iPhone firmly while doing fitness sets or performing effective CPR training. Apart from the ease of use that pulse features, there’s also an embedded Microban® antimicrobial product protection that obstructs the growth of fungus and other bacteria that causes stains and odor on the product. Featuring volume, power and home buttons with sweat protection, the pulse also integrates port covers that block impurities from entering the charging port and causing damage.

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Via: iSkin

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