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Five iPhone features you probably don’t know much about

Five iPhone features you probably don't know much about

Since the launch of iPhone 5, most people have been using it throughout but are yet not aware about some tricks and hidden features it has. Check out the following features of iPhone 5 that help you get more out of this phone without unlocking any special codes and without purchasing any third-party apps or accessories.

· Click a Picture While Doing Video Recording

Did you know you could do both the tasks of taking a photo and making a video simultaneously on your iPhone 5? If you did not, then start making a video and you’d see a small icon for a camera in the upper right of the screen. You may click on this camera icon and take the picture of a special moment. The photo will not be of full resolution, but would be good enough for your online posts or printing at home. These pictures are of the 1920 x 1080 resolution, but if you want a high-resolution picture, ensure to be in the photo-only mode that would allow you to take multiple photos on your iPhone 5 while making a video.

· Treat Special Callers the Whitelist Way

If you do not want to get disturbed by any unwanted calls, you may not always switch off your phone as there are some people like your family members with whom you will have to remain connected. The iPhone 5’s Whitelist comes to your rescue. Just add the members to the Whitelist whom you would want to take calls from. Whenever these callers try to reach you, they would not go through the Do Not Disturb mode. But, a limitation of Whitelist is that it only allows the calls through, but not the messages.

· Get LED Alerts

Though iPhone 5 does not have a LED notification system, but its camera flash may be used as an alternative to LED alerts. You may set it up here: Settings > General > Accessibility > LED Flash for Alerts > On. But do remember that this light is very bright and might disturb during meetings or while sleeping. But, the major advantage is in loud environments when you need to see a text or call coming in.

· Set up Find My iPhone

This feature called Find My iPhone can help you track your lost or stolen phone using the phone’s signal and GPS. When enabled, this feature can help track the phone using another iOS device. To turn it on, go to Setting > iCloud > Find My iPhone > On. After tracking, you may opt to enter the Lost mode or even wipe the device. In the Lost mode, the thief can be messaged after entering a phone number and setting a pass code. But, if the device totally disappears, you can choose to erase it.

· Use the Scientific Calculator

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