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iPhone App News: Copy/Paste deprived iPhone is a thing of past

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MagicPad is an application for our beloved ‘over-hyped iPhone’. It’ll take care of your copy/paste woes. MagicPad has been submitted to Apple for verification so that it can be added to App Store. This text editor is capable of allowing user to change fonts, text sizes, text color, make text bold and italic, and add effects like underline and strike-through. Best feature offered by MagicPad is that it allows you to copy and paste text, in similar or different document, something that was due for long. Such features make MagicPad first rich text editor for the iPhone.

Sadly, MagicPad supports these functions only within application, which means you cannot use copy/paste feature unless you are working on MagicPad. Though, the company is willing to enhance their app to work across the entire iPhone, like integrating this app with default keyboard but iPhone SDK’s limitations are stopping them from doing so efficiently. Still these guys at Proximi have managed to make MagicPad work with few preloaded native apps, videos for which will be soon available at App’s official site. Hopefully, this app will go live soon.

Via: Crave

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