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World’s smallest mobile phones

The recent trends have made it clear that people are more inclined towards huge touchscreen phones than small run-of-the-mill handsets. Still, there are a few who might not be fond of carrying big handsets in their pockets. Here we have a list of smallest mobile phones we’ve come across till date. Check them out..

Neoi 906E

Dimensions: 54 x 83 x 10 mm

Weight: 88 grams

Sony Ericsson Xmini

Dimensions: 44 x 75 x 18 mm

Weight: 75 grams

Xun Chi 138

Dimensions: 67.3 x 32.9 x 19.2 mm

Weight: 55 grams

Modu phone

Dimensions: 72.1 x 37.6 x 7.8 mm

Weight: 40.1 grams

Neo 808i

Dimensions: 65 x 40 x 13 mm

Weight: 90 grams

Pantech C3

Dimensions: 69 x 43 x 19.3 mm

Weight: 68 grams

Pantech C3b

Dimensions: 69 x 43 x 20.3 mm

Weight: 71 grams

Neonode N2

Dimensions: 77 x 47 x 14.7 mm

Weight: 70 grams

Haier Elegance

Dimensions: 90 x 35 x 17.8 mm

Weight: 64 grams

LG Migo

Dimensions: 82 x 46 x 22 mm

Weight: 70 grams

NEC N930

Dimensions: 85.5 x 54 x 11.9 mm

Weight: 72 grams

Samsung card Phone II

Dimensions: 86 x 54 x 8.5 mm

Weight: 75 grams

Samsung Diamond Cam Mobile TM-M800G

Dimensions: 90 x 30 x 59 mm

Weight: 99 grams

Nokia 5200 (World’s smallest)

What you see in above picture is the world’s smallest Nokia 5200 cellphone. We have no specific words on its actual dimensions or weight. However, it suggests to weigh somewhere around 40-50 grams. What do you say?


Dimensions: W32×H70×D10.5mm

Weight: 40g

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