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HTC Dream and More Goodies for T-Mobile!

fcc approved  htc dream N27sr 59

It seems that T-Mobile never seems to run out of models that brag of 3G backup on 1700MHz AWS band. Also, the speed with which they gobble up latest releases or to be released models is pretty astonishing. When we began the day today, it was made public that the happening Tocco (T919) from Samsung would fall into T-Mobile’s lap and even seven hours hence no one but T-Mobile gets the rights for the just approved HTC Dream. Other than getting the FCC approval for the dream, there was another one (PN: DREA1000) that got approved as a WIFi enabled product, which means there would be two Dream’s one of them being WiFi enabled. All that we now await is the leaked image of the Dream for we know where to get it first, how about you people!

[Courtesy: Androidauthority]

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