Where can I have Google Costa Rica map?

I am planning a holiday tour of Costa Rica as some people suggested me that it is an awesome place for sightseeing. So I want to first explore Costa Rica through detailed satellite imagery and other places near to it. For that I need google costa rica maps but do not know how to find costa rica on google map and its adjoining area.Please help me.

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  1. Costa Rica is indeed an awesome place for a vacation. It is full of lovely tropical beaches, amazing wildlife and there are lots of places for sightseeing. The black and white sand beaches are beautiful and the aquatic ecosystem would take your breath away. It is great for spot fishing, snorkelling, and sun bathing. It has a diverse range of cultures. It is a land full of rain forests, rivers, waterfalls and volcanoes – what more could an adventure junkie want? It has 8 biological reserves and 20 natural parks and they provide a variety of activities like hiking, bird-watching, horseback riding etc. Hiking through the clouds is one of the most fun things you can do in Costa Rica. And by the way did you know that Costa Rica means Rich Coast? It is also one of the best places to relax and de-stress.

    It is great that you are trying to get to know the place before you actually go there. To see the satellite imagery of the place go to maps.google.com and type in Costa Rica and on the upper right corner select Satellite view. Some other resources that you should use is checkout the lonely planet guide to Costa Rica, they provide the map, overview, things you can do etc.

    You should also check out- http://www.visitcostarica.com . They provide detailed maps and information about Costa Rica.

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