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Fujitsu F883iS gets a whitish tinge

fujitsu f883is terminal
We know fashion designers prefer choosing white around the summers but a similar trend in the tech designer’s world is unheard off, maybe it all just happened as a coincidence in Fujitsu F883iS terminals case. Other than adorning the colour white, it offers a number of handy features ranging from 3G connectivity, 2.4-inch TFT screen to a 1.2 mega pixel camera.

Standout features include an automatic response to e-mail feature or so as to say the in-sync feature as recognised with the other avant-garde models from different makers. Its ‘Slow voice’ feature could give this phone an air of exclusivity by slowing down the velocity of the person we hear. No takes on its pricing or launch, all that is known is that it would initially be retailed in Japan only.


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