Five free cellphone services you wouldn’t know of


Having a cellphone would not be expensive for anyone of us, if we are aware of free services that can help us to explore the entire world. If used properly, these services can put the world in the palm of our hands, but many of us are not aware of these free services and spend a lot of money for getting their benefits. But after sometime, you get fed up by your long bill and stop using these services or look around for cheaper rates. Here we have compiled a list of the most common and demanded services that are offered free to you that you never knew existed.

Free Directory Assistance

Do you find the number and location of a particular firm or company by turning the pages of a directory? Then in that case you are still not aware of the free Google service that provides you all the information by just dialing 1-800-GOOG-411 (1-800-466-4411) from your phone. This helps you search a local business by name or category, connects you to the business and provides you information by SMS. This all is offered to you free of cost that helps you finding solutions in a case of any emergencies. You can simply search for pizza hut nearest to your location or a particular address by just typing pizza. This is the easiest and most effective free service for cellphone users that they can’t afford to miss.

Free Ringtones, ScreenSavers, Games etc.

Most among us likes to change our cellphone wallpapers, screensavers and ringtones too frequently. But the price of the same restricts us from such frequent changes. You can actually convert your cellphone into a powerful resource that can cut down your expenses, by simply downloading free TONETHIS. This helps you in making your ringtones from your MP3 collections, can convert your pictures into wallpapers/screensavers and can use them on your cellphone. This free service works by uploading your stuff to its website and then by hosting it temporarily sends a text message with the URL for downloading. By following the given URL we can get all our goodies, by a standard download charges which are cheaper than other downloading charges. This service can helps in getting the stuff of our choice at a minimal cost that can be neglected after having a look at the bills of downloads that we get without using this service.

Free Answers

This amazing service is brought by Google to help out you by providing the answers of your questions. You simply need to send a message with your query on 46645 and within seconds you’ll get revert with many solutions. If you are lost in place with no people around, this service can help you out by providing many solutions, like the directions, nearest bus stop, railway station or more. Not only this service provides you information of places around you, but helps you in building in your I.Q by answering your questions, like when is the earth day. This is the easiest and the most effective method that can make a good turn in your life.

Free SuperVoicemail

If you are tired of your old voicemail you should try out YouMail that makes a voicemail replacement for your current wireless provider’s voicemail. What you have to do is simply enter a series of numbers to reprogram your phones voicemail and this is really simple and also provides you the facility of undo in case mistake is committed. And this adds magic to your voicemail differing from person to person, like you wuld like to leave a message in a formal manner for your boss and on the other hand you would like to leave a lovable message for your girlfriend or boyfriend. Well, it is an interesting service that can also helps you in avoiding annoying callers, by sampling adding their number and it will give a funny message to them whenever they try to call on your number. service keeps you intact with your long distance relationship by shortening your phone bills of the calls made to foreign countries. What you have to do is, simply specify the number you are calling from, number you are calling to and then you get the connection to talk to the person whom you are calling. This service cuts the international calling charges to the fraction of what you usually pay. If have a prepaid connection for this service that avoids heavy bills and provide you happy talking.

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