How can I get free answer tones?

Hey friends I need your help that how can I get free ringtones and answer tones without having to pay? In other words where can i download free answer tones on my phone? I have AT&T and I want to get answer tones for my phone. I know sites like Phone Zoo you can get ring tones free for your phone is there any place I can get free answer tones? Most of you guys must be using please suggest!

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  1. Hi. Many websites provide free and secure ringtone and answer tone downloads. However, the best website currently is ‘zedge’. This website requires no registration and provides fast and easy downloads for ringtones, wallpapers, screen savers, themes and games. The ringtones usually do not occupy more than 500 KB space. It gets downloaded in a jiffy and has no virus threat. It is a one-click download platform with lots of exciting options for downloads. Cool themes, interesting ringtones, cute wallpapers and wonderful games are some of the features of this website.

    I hope this information would be useful to you.

    It is a pleasure to help. Do write in again if you need any more help.

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