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Fingerprint scanner comes on Lenovo mobile phone

lenovo mobile atrua fingerprint bI1xa 5965

For the unmindful, losing the mobile phone is a common problem. Although it needs some bit of luck to recover the lost device, but if you possess the Lenovo P960, you are assured that no outsider can meddle with your private data stored in the device. Lenovo has incorporated Atrua Technology’s made-for-mobile fingerprint solution in its latest mobile phone P960 to enhance the security of the data stored in the phone. Capable of accurately recognizing fingerprints, Atrua’s fingerprint biometrics uses only fraction of power to image a fingerprint as compared with other fingerprint biometric solutions currently available. Further Atrua’s fingerprint solution consumes less memory reducing the size of the processor making it adept to fit on the edge of the phone. Lenovo P960 will also have a VIP recording feature that automatically records calls from designated numbers.

Via: Atrua

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