Seven features of Siri that should enrich iPhone user experience

The new Siri is a stunning product from Apple forum. It is dedicated to enrich your iPhone user experience and is ready to deliver you all the facilities that you require in your day-to-day life. It is a comprehensive, practical, virtual intelligence tool specially designed for superb voice control system along with stunning iPhone user experience.

At the present time, Siri is only restricted to sending text messages, listening to music, setting up remainders, etc. But soon it is expected that Siri will be much improved with brand new exciting features. It will give the iPhone a new dimension; show a new path to its success. Let’s check in what ways Siri makes the iPhone really worth to carry in the pocket.

1. Expert listening capability

Expert listening capability

Siri is packed will brand new feature for listening. This marvelous invention from Apple makes it to recognize and understand a part of the natural language. It has got enough intelligence to sense that. But, if there is enough background noise then the hearing capability of Siri reduces a bit.

2. Wikipedia


Siri is intelligent enough to link to the Wikipedia page and search the necessary information that user wants to find. Information’s are delivered to the user in a minute, and that’s a beautiful thing. Hence we can au get instant access to Wikipedia by the help of Siri.

3. Health checking technology

Health checking technology

If your health is not well, you can get instant medication from Siri, all you have to do is to tell Siri the symptoms of your illness. Siri will automatically give a feedback about your physical disorder and also prescribe you the necessary drugs that you need to take.

4. Integrate all networks

Integrate all networks

Siri automatically connects to the internet and search for the answer if it doesn’t know the answer itself. It is expected that in the near future, the browser will be directly connected to the Siri interface and will thus provide the search results.

5. Life assistant


Siri is capable of storing agenda of the user according to his work. One can stay completely updated with his tasks if he makes Siri his virtual friend indeed. It’s so intelligent that it can also store the additional duplication of work each day.

6. Online shopping

Online shopping

No matter what you are looking for, Siri will find it for you. Siri not only finds the product, but also offers the lowest price against that. Moreover, one can also do online shopping and payment by Siri.

7. Music features

Music features

Siri provides many music playing features as well. It delivers high dimensional digital sound and can play music in almost all the formats. The user specifies a command; Siri will perform the specified work and will remain active till the next set of commands is given to it. Packed with great user and visual experience, Siri contains enough features to be loved by the music fanatics.

The brand new technology and great intelligence makes Siri the most distinct of its kind. One can meet demands using the Siri and can cherish a better iPhone experience forever!

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