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Eye movement to command future cell phones

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Believe it or not, but soon we may be able to operate our cell phones by simply moving our eyelids. Technical advancements have reduced us to couch potatoes with remotes and wireless devices commanding the gadgets but now Japanese wireless carrier NTT DoCoMo is preparing to take us to a world where we need not even lift our fingers to type on the mobile phone keypads or even move our fingers on the touchscreens of our cell phone. We would simply move our eyes to send the necessary signals and the tasks would automatically be accomplished by the mobile phones that might include making and receiving calls, messaging, downloading music, playing video games, shopping online.. the list is unending.

In a demonstration before a news agency, a Japanese researcher wore a giant headset covered with wires fitted with sensors and chips to detect electric current emanated when the wearer moves his eyeballs, to move computer graphic lines on a monitor connected to the headset. He even increased the volume on a digital music player by moving his eyeball. Although this seems to be an unique invention to make us more attuned to our sedentary lifestyle but there are two problems – first users need to undergo a rigorous training on eye movements remembering implications of every movement and secondly there is risk of overworking our eyes muscles.



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