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Citysense to track nightlife hotspots on cell phones

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Are you one of those creatures of the night who would love to paint the town red with your nighttime rendezvous? Perhaps this time you can look at your quintessential BlackBerry device to help you plan your nightlife routine, the best pub or discotheque where people like you are hanging around. Tony Jebara, an Associate Professor in Computer Science at Columbia University and co-founder of the company Sense Networks has developed a software named Citysense that collects vast amount of data emanating from thousands of cell phones, GPS-equipped cabs and other data devices to point at the city hotspots.

As soon as you want to know – ‘where is everybody?’ Citysense in real time maps the activity scenario of your city revealing hotspots and places is the city with high activity. It then links to Yelp and Google to show the exact locations of these places. More exciting is the feature of this software that answers not only where everybody is right not but also ‘where everyone like me is right now.’ Citysense is a free application that is currently available in San Francisco for alpha testing but will eventually be available in other places also. Although at present only BlackBerry users could only take advantage of this outstanding software, but soon it will be released for Apple iPhone users.


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