Catapult: Cordless phone designed for anger management

The world today is full of stress and, of course, people you’d never want to talk to. Still sometimes you have to talk to them irrespective of your will. These situations can be frustrating and can trigger anger, which can be very harmful to you in several ways. Sometimes these outbursts may make you regret your actions too. So, it’s but obvious that you want to get rid of this accumulated rage by damaging things, cursing, yelling and what not.


It is our instinct to show anger somehow when we feel it. Acts of violence are tagged as antisocial and hence forbidden, which, in a way, is sensible too since this may cause harm or damage. We are groomed to suppress anger, but what about letting it out? Is there really a way we can let it out and feel alright?

Main question here is if a phone design can really solve this problem or not. And yes, there is one such phone, in its concept stage though, that can allow you express your anger in a healthy and fruitful way, without causing any harm. This design will let people respond to their human instinct in a responsible and civilized way.


This designed phone is called Catapult and it would serve your emotional needs of letting out anger and give you some relief. A common stimulus is throwing away the phone when we get frustrated over the call. People throw away phones when they don’t want to pick the call too. This phone will be unharmed since it is made of silicone, an elastic and shock absorbing plastic material. The electronic components are enclosed in thick layer of shock absorbing silicon. The phone will remain safe and withstand abuse. Since it is soft it will not harm anything that it strikes to.


The cleverest feature of phone is a built in gyroscope. The gyroscope senses for sudden movements and when it detects such impacts it automatically disconnects or mutes the incoming call.

Anyhow, physical care is not the only thing a person needs; sometimes people need psychological support too. Research on health and anger clearly shows that without the proper release of anger, one may suffer in a lot of ways. One may get psychological illnesses and may even affect physical health, such as heart diseases. So, it’s always beneficial to have such a gadget around to avoid those unwanted situations.

Thanks Kelvin Kung for the tip.

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