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Car-themed phones set to make their revving mark

hummer 380x285 Rmil7 1333
Womenfolk have known for ages the potential of absurdity that men’s passion for cars is capable of generating. I guess cellphone manufacturers too have discovered that this distinctly male hobby can be milked for greater and greener profits and thus we have the car-themed cellphones all set to blaze the mobile markets. Created by Quantum Telecom, the handsets are deliberately styled like classic auto favs like Hummer H-series, the Cadillac CTS sedan, and even the McCoy complete with custom paint jobs and even engine intake grille adorning fronts of the phone’s body. Priced between $199 and $299, the car cellphones are also quite affordable with standards features like 262K screen, Bluetooth connectivity, camera, and MP4 playback making the car-themed phones a surefire hit among car-crazy men of all ages when it launches across Asia later this month.

Source: Crave

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