Should I buy HTC Merge?

Hey I am looking to buy a new phone so I have chosen HTC Merge or LG Genisis phone but I cannot decide which of these two is better. I went to the store but they didn’t really lean me in any direction but I cannot figure out which one would be more likely to last a couple of years. Help from anyone who has experience with both phones would be great. Please reply as soon as possible?

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1 thought on “Should I buy HTC Merge?”

  1. Both the phones stand almost onthe same line but I would suggest going with HTC merge over LG genesis.Although LG Genesis comes with dual Screens but that works to a majordisadvantage in this case as all the power is consumed by the two big screens,thus leaving it with a poor battery backup.

    While on the other hand, HTCmerge is first Android-Powered Global Ready Smartphone and comesclean with a Froyo Android 2.2 platform along with HTC sense, which makesthousands of apps available for its users. A big 3.8″ touch screen alongwith a slide out QWERTY keyboard that supports 18 languages. Other handyfeatures include a 5.0 megapixel camera, GPS, 720p video recorder, Adobe Flash10.1 (play games, watch videos, and experience the Web as it was meant to beseen) and a customizable quick key that lets you program your favorite functionwhether it’s an app, web site, media player or contact.

    The phone comesequipped with 8 GB memory card, while the expandable 32 GB ofstorage makes snapping and sharing pictures of family and friends in high orlow light a breeze, it also means that ton loads of entertainment.

    Video qualitiesso real, when you play it back you feel like you’re there. Easily share yourvideos with your friends on social sharing websites. The phone becomes a Wi-Fihotspot for up to eight other Wi-Fi-enabled devices— making you the mostpopular person in the airport. You can choose who joins, and a new widget letsyou quickly turn your hotspot on or off.

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