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BlackBerry Thunder up for sale online

rim bb 9500 thunder horizonwirelessonline Ulb3M 13
To be very honest with you I had never even heard of Horizon Wireless before today but the online retailer is all set to hit the big time since it recently revealed that it will soon be taking pre-orders for the much-illusive BlackBerry 9500 AKA “Thunder”. Now the only pic of the said phone on offer is supremely blurred and any attempts at looking it up on the vendor’s site returned an error so the whole thing does look kinda dubious. But since that hasn’t deterred any of the hard-core BB addicts in the past, having personally known a few who saw a rather handy “copy” of their fav smartphone doing the rounds of a flea market in Kathmandu and found themselves compelled to buy it just because it spelled the name correct, I’m sure even this version would find a lot of takers out there.
Source: Mobile Whack

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