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Basic Tab cell phone: All looks here!

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You want the latest in technology then just switch to Nokia or Apple’s page. This bit is about a cell phone that makes no excuses about sacrificing features for form, and we love it as much for the honesty as for the pretensions. The Basic Tab phone has been designed for Resonates 08 to compliment our dressing sense, not fulfill our technological aspirations. Physical traits are worked upon at the cost of technological characteristics! Does it make a penny worth of difference to our liking; no it doesn’t. The front of the phone is a gorgeous black screen with little else to draw attention. This humongous screen rests upon a metal slab to add volume. The camera located at the back also makes claim more as a fashion accessory than anything else and is designed as something located on a designer handbag than a tech device. Tech junkies move over, Basic Tab will put you at shame for having to pass over so sleek a device.

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