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Asus P750 hacked to run at VGA resolution!

asus p750

Fans of the Asus P750 communicator can look forward to have a celebration. Hackers Sorg and Greate VK have revealed a pleasant surprise about this phone. The Asus P750, which works on the QVGA 240x 320 px screen, is actually blessed with a full blown VGA display! Yes, you heard me right. One might ask, how come the phone runs on QVGA inspite of having a VGA display? Well, because the VGA display was not initially on the cards, but happened to Asus because of a peculiarity in supply. However, the phone’s software was chalked to work on QVGA, and hence the restrain was exercised.

Sorg and Greate VK hacked into the P750 WM 6 firmware and converted the display into a full fledged 640x480px VGA. Presently their hacked version runs on 96 DPI, which is less than normal display of 192 DPI resolutions, but the Russian hacker duo are doing their best to overcome this. They are also trying to debug some of the hitches in it. Once their mission is complete, the downloadable patch will be made public. Right now, the Asus P750 users can pray for the duo and keep a watch on the availability of the downloadable patch.


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