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Asus KarE trying to N-Gage?

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It’s just a concept for now, but when we saw this Asus KarE concept phone, it reminded us eerily of the disastrous Nokia N-Gage. And although I strongly believe that gaming consoles and cellphone should never be paired up into one device, I’m willing to give the Asus the benefit of the doubt since I never really get tired of manufacturers having to bite the dust after not learning anything from another’s mistakes. Anyhow, for those of you who are still curios about the Asus KarE, lemme tell you that it appears to have its front end clearly dedicated to gaming while the multiple sliding keypads look like they could make texting a less, er, crampy affair. The design has been created by Markus Wierzoch and explores the future of everyday gizmos designed especially for ‘kids and elderly people’.

Source: Concept Phone

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