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Turn web content into mobile app with AppLoop

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I have started to lose count of the applications that are being launched for the Apple iPhone. The latest in the news is the Mobile Application Generator by AppLoop turns any web content into a native iPhone app in less than two minutes. The best part is that the program needs no programming, software downloads, or code maintenance. Everything is taken care of by AppLoop itself. This application also lets you customize the appearance of the application and use your own logos and color schemes. Native applications will sooner or later be used across multiple mobile platforms and they also have plans to bring the same to Android too.

Images, text, and other data are stored locally for access at any time. With the mobile app generator, users can also use social networking services, including Digg, Twitter and FaceBook. This is the first version of the application and the updated versions will come with new features like support for third-party plug-ins, commenting, rating, multiple feeds and other widgets.

Via: CultOfMac / ReadWriteWeb

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