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Five Android Market alternatives you can try

With Google’s Android being the latest entrant in the market, developers are cashing in on the various alternative opportunities of Android. While many of the Google applications are free, it is often regarded with a lesser value as compared to the iPhone software. With mobile applications and softwares ruling the roost these days, the demand for the same has gone up by a notch.

While Android being a relatively new apps provider, has kept its applications free, there are alternative markets which provide these apps for a price. With a monetary value being set to these themes, the demand tends to fluctuate accordingly. The benefit of these alternate markets allows the users and developers the flexibility of purchase from sources convenient to them.

Apple has its own online store, thus limiting the use of its gadgets and the applications. The ease of purchase and download in case of Android softwares is making it a sudden hit with the masses.

Here’s a list of the 5 alternate markets which can be tapped by users and developers alike for some happening Android applications. Read on to know more.

1. Amazon App Store

Amazon Web Store

As we all know, Amazon is one multi faceted online store, catering to almost every genre and every need of the users today. With a wide variety to choose from, the online web store has made shopping all the more convenient and easy for everyone. Bringing about a revolution to the Android market, the introduction of the Amazon App store would change the way people look at things.

One of the best web applications available exclusively on the Amazon web store would be the Angry Birds Rio. If you are an avid fan of the strategy game and are eager to be the proud owner of this Android invention, then you know just about where to head now.

2. Opera Mobile App Store

Opera Mobile Store

Being a recent addition to the market, the opera Mobile App store has been launched in March 2011 itself. Incorporating a red and black theme, the App store features both paid as well as free applications. The benefit of this online web store is that it offers a variety of exciting apps at adjusted prices, all for your perusal and use.

3. AndAppStore


With a variety of applications rolled into one online portal, AndAppStore is a one stop shop for all your developing needs. Built in a convenient tree like structure, and arranged in a neat set of categories and sub categories, the portal gives you a wide idea of the services and apps available for your use.

Lending another helping hand to your daily downloading needs is the rating system. Every apps service available online has been rated to provide an idea about the authenticity and use. Simple, easy to use and offering free downloads, the online web portal can be a winner if managed properly.

4. OnlyAndroid Superstore by Mobihand


The online Superstore by Mobihand, OnlyAndroid, caters to all the mobile needs related to the Android market. Easy access, easy to navigate through and a proper differentiation of the various apps segments, this application provides a slick multi menu tabbed interface for the users. The interface is very friendly and offers an interactive dark colored GUI.

This online web store would be the one stop shop for all those who don’t want to access too much of net and want convenience on their finger tips.

The front screen of the OnlyAndroid Superstore will clearly demarcate the choices between Apps, Games and accessories. Choose conveniently and smartly from between the options as per your requirement.

5. SlideME


Limit your selection of applications according to your need and choice. SlideME has been built with a simple design, offering you a straightforward approach. The apps can be viewed in screenshots, video demonstration skills and simple designs. Also included are the “Top Apps” and the “Latest Android Apps”. Convenience and ease redefined all the more.

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