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All-in-one mobile stand- Technology and style combined

mobile dGgcE 11536
There was a time when everybody rushed to buy cellphones. Then came a time when they felt the need to keep the mobile in place. Thus, the mobile stands were introduced. In various shapes and colors, these stands were easily spotted in every household. This product is also a mobile stand primarily but the features it adorns makes it quite irresistible. You can very call it a utility-full mobile stand with functions which will make you buy it the very instant. Apart from serving as a security holder for your mobile, this has a USB hub function, a card reader and a mobile charger. Whoa! Call it a multi-tasking device if you want to. I really like the colors available- silver white and jet black. I guess my Nokia 5310 would look stunning on the silver one. I would really love to own something so intelligent and stylish like this.

Source: Akihabaranews

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