5 Things to Do So You Can Meet an Online Friend Safely

Meet an Online Friend Safely

In the modern era, it’s very common to meet people online. While many people think of online friends as being inherently dangerous, the truth is that people can make long-lasting friendships online. If you want to make sure you’re able to safely meet online friends in person, here are five steps to take.

1. Meet Up With Friends You’ve Known for a While

friends meet upTry to avoid agreeing to meet up with someone you’ve only known for a few weeks. While it can be exciting to meet up with someone new, it’s also sometimes more dangerous because you might not really know them. Wait for a few months to be as safe as possible.

2. Set Up a Meeting in a Safe Place

It’s not usually a good idea to meet up with anyone for the first time at you or your friend’s home. Instead, try to set up your meeting in a place like a park, mall, or local restaurant. That way, you don’t have to give out your home address, and there will be more people around.

3. Try to Meet Up as a Group for the First Meeting

Group of friends talking and drinkingIf you have multiple online friends that live in the same area, you might want to set up a group meeting as your first time meeting up in person. Sure, it can be absolutely exhilarating to meet up one-on-one with someone, but meeting up as a group can be just as fun. Plus, it can help you and the people you’re meeting up with stay safe.

4. Create a Plan for Your Meetup

Before you go to meet up with someone, you should make a plan. This plan should generally encapsulate what you and your friends are going to do when you meet up. Are you planning to just walk around the mall? Do you hope that you’re going to have dinner? Are you going to a museum? A simple plan can help remove lots of the stress that often surrounds the concept of meeting up with a friend for the first time.

5. Make Sure You Look Into Your Friend’s Background Before You Meet Up

beautiful lady on social media If you want to be super safe, it’s a good idea to look into your friend’s background before you meet up with them in person. Something as simple as looking them up on social media can be helpful, but running their name through a public record search engine can give you even more insight into who they are as a person.


In general, it can be great to have online friends, and even more exciting to meet up with those friends. However, while it’s not inherently dangerous, it can definitely be more dangerous than meeting friends in other ways. With these five tips, you’ll be able to meet up with online friends in the safest way possible, making it easier for you to meet more online friends and spend time with them in the offline world.

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