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10 Important smartphone apps that can save your life

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Do you think that your smartphone can save your life during emergencies? Well, the answer would be yes. There are a few life-saving apps available for both iOS and Android. The latest apps offering on the smartphone helps you to get immediate relief in case of emergencies by getting you information regarding first aid and also some basic tips regarding the handling of a situation. Some apps even provide help during medical emergencies regarding a person, on the basis of the medical history of that person that is fed to the app. Some apps even guide you regarding choosing an insurance policy and the steps to be followed thereafter. In today’s times a smartphone can be an efficient and effective assistant by your side in times of distress. Here is a list of 10 smartphone apps that can save your life. Have a look!

1. Disaster Readiness (by Phoneflips)

A disaster preparedness manual in electronic form, that’s the best way to describe this app. With information and help available on more than 50 topics, it is certain to protect you from almost all the disasters anywhere. Plus, having all this on your phone in local will enable you to access it anytime you require.

2. WebMD (by WebMD)

It provides you a 24/7 health information tool optimized for your phone and tools enabling your decision making. Its tools include symptom checker, listings of local health care centers, providing information on first aid, etc. It can be personalized according to your medical needs and even be used to get directions of your nearest medical facilities.

3. Escape Call Free (by Geoffrey Rainville)

We all have that moment when want to escape from certain situations or occasions and ask our friend to give us a call to pass it off as an important call requiring you to go back. This app lets you set Escape Call from to anyone on your contacts list, set a timer. As the timer comes to end, an ‘important call’ will come, so that you can leave.

4. Droid Light (by Lars Anderson)

It is a type of customizable flashlight allowing you the benefits of a LED strobe light, LED Morse code transmitter, LED flashlight or an optional screen light. But, its continued use may drain your battery.

5. Emergency Kit Organizer (by Center for National Preparedness)

This app can help you manage your emergency kits, by storing information regarding the items procured by you, keep a tab on expiry dates, etc.

6. Ice (by Sera-Apps)

It is designed to be of big help during an emergency. A first helper, it is capable of deciding who to call in case of an emergency and with whom to deal with. It can be added to the lock screen using WidgetLocker. It can also used be used as a translator for translating your information in many different languages.

7. iDistress

It is the app which provides you with the option of sending out a distress message to the various authorities and ‘three loved ones’, along with your position. Thus, it is referred to as ‘the app you never have to use’.

8. Pocket First Aid

Detailing out the various first-aid methods and tips through videos and extensive manuals, it certainly is a handy app that can give the know-how of saving yours or someone else’s life.

9. CPR & Choking

Detailing out the various techniques of CPR, it comes with a variety of videos to teach someone to distinguish between choking and a cardiac arrest. Even a person with little or no knowledge regarding the handling of an emergency can get help from these apps as the app provides for various tutorials and videos.

10. Emergency Radio

Intended for keeping a tab on police, fire, EMS and other emergency services including ATC, it is a useful app for times of power outage. It also enables you to find the nearest aid center from their current location.

During natural calamities, emergency services often give out radio feeds to the people, through such latest apps you can keep a tab on such feeds in real time and remain updated about latest goings on.

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