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Who Tattooed the Sony Ericsson W95 ?

sony ericsson w95 ed hardy edition

We totally believe that the Sony Ericsson W95 has an utterly boring exterior and that might be one of the reasons why many people despite its tolerable features, chose not to buy it. Sony seems to make amends quickly and in this case it was the Carphone Warehouse UK that came to the rescue. This warehouse has put up an Ed Hardy version of the walkman phone and we must say, we like what we see. This W95 has been redone on the exterior with tattoos from Ed Hardy giving it a guise that you will fail to recognize it at the first glance. Barring the exterior changes, the rest of the features which primarily include a 3.2MP camera, HSDPA network support and Bluetooth, all remain unchanged. The only sacrifice you will have to make is to shell £20 and it could be yours from T-Mobile UK on an 18-month contract.

Via: MobileWhack

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