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Infinite Concept Phone : Sustainable makeover!

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While sticking to the same mobile phone for years might bore you a bit, designer Will Orrock urges you against that! Basically, concentrating upon two ideas i.e. layers and upgrade, he seems to have fetched a permanent solution for such a quandary. The battery, OLED screen wrap, high-strength polymer case and a printed circuit board step up to form four layers. Just knock the components off you don’t need anymore; replacing it, would be more sensible.

The same goes for the phone’s hardware and software, perfectly upgradable, mind you! Though I feel content with tech details reading a 360 degree screen, a magnetic dock connection, an 8.1 megapixel camera and 32 GB of internal memory, still these can be modified whenever I feel inclined to do so. So, sustainability with a makeover is what Orrock eyes at in devising this cool concept.
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Via: Concept-Phones

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